The game which has taught HTML, CSS, jquery and general programming.

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Click on the image to play level 1!

Game Image

Click here to play level 2!

About Squiditch!

This is a first venture into JQuery and HTML programming, so the game is NOT the main emphasis.

The writing of the code, documentation and debugging have been an incredibly valuable learning experience.

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For further information, contact Nev on : nevgoodyer@gmail.com

Changes in this version

  1. Enemy images changed to KILLER SQUID (made with transparenct png 1 only 50px by 50px)

  2. Player image replaced with ANGRY FACE (made with transparenct png many at only 30px by 50px)

  3. Bullet image replaced with GOLD BULLET (made with transparenct png many at only 20px by 40px)

  4. Added a "Pause Button" 'p' to pause the game - that took hours!

  5. Changed the "Hit Enemy text " which appears on the sceen.

  6. Added a text box to say "Paused" when the pause button is pressed

  7. Added a condition so that the game ends when the score hits Zero and the messages says "Game Over!"

  8. Added Level 2 with a link below the image for Level 1

Changes which I hope to make in the future:

  1. Use the "keep in bounds" function to stop the player going off the canvas
  2. Modify the initial position of the player as the centring is currently not working
  3. A timer so that the player has a fixed time to gain a target score
  4. Harder levels with slower shoot rate, or faster enemies.
  5. Transfers back to the index page when the timer expires
  6. Transfers of text box contents from HTML to the javaScript page
  7. Formulae to link the player to the appropriate level depending on their last score
  8. Highest score on the HTML page
  9. Eventually a fractal fern building from a formula which plots the start and end points of each line